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About Lucie Tesarova

Lucie Tesarova, BCC

Hello and welcome!

My name is Lucie Tesarova and as a strategic intervention coach, I help clients create new results and more ease and peace of mind in their lives, be it personal or professional.

I have worked with 7 figure businesses as well as startups, with people of different ages – from teenagers to clients in their 60’s. I have worked with individuals, as well as teams on improving their performance as well as level of fulfillment. And, I have worked with people in Europe as well as all over the USA.

My wide range of experience, cultural background, creativity, adaptability and training in strategic intervention coaching helps and adds value to clients regardless of their specific situation or background.

Schedule a fee-free clarity session with me below to get the support you need. We spend up to 30 minutes focused on your particular situation, goal or a challenge and find out what would be the next step for you. We will finish our call with a WIN, feeling empowered for having more clarity around your situation and about at least one next step that you can take towards resolving your problem, or towards building your dream life or business.

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