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Self-Leadership 101 – Being & Feeling

Regardless of your particular job title or leadership role, you are the CEO of your life – being in charge of your emotions, thoughts, actions, and reactions. And, as a CEO, you are the visionary of what’s ahead in your experience. This principle is applicable for both your professional as well as personal life.

Before we can effectively lead others, we need to start with leading ourselves. Self-Leadership is defined in many different ways, and the way we define it for the purpose of this post is the ability to be proactive about how we want to feel and behave. Regardless of what happens.

Why is this important? 

Clarifying how you want to feel and show up every day makes you a better leader in your professional life and makes you a person who can pause when triggered. So, instead of having to clean up the consequences of your knee-jerk reaction, you will be able to respond as your higher self would. This can lead to an improved work environment, as well as increased productivity, performance, and trust.

Can we do that all the time? Probably not unless you have some super-advanced emotional ninja skills. But the more we practice, the easier it becomes to create a space between when we get triggered and how we respond. 

Imagine you can choose how you want to feel and show up during an upcoming work meeting or family dinner. Or a conversation with your loved one. Or just during your walk.

For example, imagine that for this Sunday, you set the intention of being peaceful. You go for a walk, and in front of your gate, you almost step into a poop that your neighbor didn’t pick up after their dog. You remember, “I want to be peaceful.” You take a deep breath, go home for a bag, pick up the poop and throw it into the trash can, and decide to forget all about it and enjoy your walk. And you do. You come back home relaxed and refreshed. Peaceful. Happy.

Versus – the scenario when you don’t set the intention.

You go for a walk. You find the poop. You curse at your neighbor. He swears back at you and lists a few extra things that bother them about you and your home and cat that pees on their bush. You get into a verbal fight. You don’t feel like going for the damn walk anymore. You go home. As you are still upset and irritable, you want to make tea but cannot find your favorite mug. Your loved one used it and didn’t put it back. When you finally find it, it’s dirty as hell. You angrily call out to them… and the day full of anger and frustration continues… 

So… what way do you want to feel/be this week if you had a choice?

Are you curious about what my three words of how I want to feel/be today are? Click here to watch a brief video where I share more about this month’s CEO week challenge and how to make sure you set yourself for success. 

I hope you are staying safe and healthy and are taking some time to yourself too, regardless if for this challenge or not. 

With best wishes, 


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